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from The Huffington Post

SANTIAGO, Chile — A ban on miniskirts didn’t last long in Chile, where a governor faced protests by women who otherwise share his conservative views.

Coquimbo region Gov. Sergio Gahona had banned public employees from wearing miniskirts or exposing their shoulders. He says he was merely trying to “put things in order” and didn’t mean to restrict anyone.

But Chile’s women’s affairs minister, Carolina Schmidt, calls his ban a joke.

Sen. Evelyn Matthei says she’ll keep wearing miniskirts to show off her “nice legs,” and would personally protest if the ban remains in effect.

The governor’s aide Ivan Espinosa says parts of the order dealing with personal presentation were excessive and would be corrected.

by Dan Brennan from

Friendship between men and women. Is it possible without the sex part getting in the way? For many, sex is the one reason why men and women should steer clear of intimacy in friendship, and for years that was what I was taught in the church. But what would our marriages, our churches, and our communities look like if men and women were not afraid of connecting with each other in deep ways? As I have studied both the Scriptures and the history of friendship between men and women in the church, I have become convinced that there are compelling arguments for reconsidering male-female friendship within Christian communities. I share three major reasons (they are not the only ones) why missional friendships between men and women ought to flourish within our communities. (read more)