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Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder.

Why eaters alone can’t transform the food system | Grist.

The Naked Gospel

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I just finished reading The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley.  This book presents a gospel that may not be familiar to some.  It’s a gospel uncluttered with the jargon presented by the church at large today. It’s a gospel free of the rules that many are indentured to. It’s a gospel that leaves behind the idea that my goodness gets me to God.  Plain and simply, The Naked Gospel is Jesus plus nothing.


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The Naked Gospel $5,000 songwriting contest:

Ecclesia Church website:

This is a great post by Frank Viola. Something that I need to be reminded of often.

As long as I've been a Christian, I've noted two spiritual pillars that are incredibly difficult to keep in mind. They are all-too easy to forget. One is to rejoice in our suffering. The other is to put ourselves in the shoes of another person whenever we're dealing on the level of human relationships. I will confess that I've had a hard time remembering these two things. And I'm in need of constant reminding of them. And so is every other Christ … Read More

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Drilling off the Coast of Meg Whitman's California My initial personal bias is to instinctively like Meg Whitman's candidacy for Governor of California. From a visceral standpoint, I like her style and management experience, and I don't know if the words "Jerry Brown" and "agent of change" go well together in 2010. Nonetheless, performing due diligence of candidates for elected office is always a good idea. I'm not a resident of California anymore, and I have no designs on moving back anytime soo … Read More

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Frank Viola & Leonard Sweet on 'Jesus Manifesto' Happy June! In May I was able to chat with Len Sweet and Frank Viola, penners of the declaration-turned book Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ (not to be confused with the Anabaptist-anarchist Jesus Manifesto webzine edited by Mark Van Steenwyk – same great Jesus, two different manifestos.). It garnered a ton of signatures and acclaim last year when put online in short form – as well as a little controversy … Read More

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