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7faittribesI am currently reading The Seven Faith Tribes by George Barna.  It looks like this is gonna be a good one so check back with me later for a review.  Here is the description from the inside cover:

The United States harbors a long and deep tradition of faith.  Founded as a nation of people seeking religious freedom, America has always debated the appropriate expression of religious beliefs.  Spirituality remains a hot topic of personal conversation, political intrigue, social commentary, and economic significance.

But what do we know about the faith of Americans?  Most analyses are woefully inadequate, lumping people into generic categories such as Protestant and Catholic, evangelical and mainline, charismatic and fundamentalist.  These general portraits are of limited value.

In The Seven Faith Tribes, researcher and writer George Barna draws upon twenty-five years of research- and interviews with more than 30,000 people- to identify and closely study the dominant “faith tribes” in America.  Who are they?  What holds them together?  And what difference might understanding them make for the future of our country?

Barna offers insightful information on each of these tribes and reveals astonishing insights about how they are influencing our economy, politics, and values.  Most importantly, he predicts what lies next for faith in America- and how we all might come together to set the nation on a better course.

lover's quarrelI just finished reading A Lover’s Quarrel with the Evangelical Church which I got courtesy of The Ooze Viralbloggers.  As Dr. Alex McFarland has said, “This book is for all who are broken over the fact that our nation is spiritually bankrupt, despite a well funded American Christian industry and thousands of Dolby-surround-sound-equipped churches.

In his insightful critique of the evangelical movement and its excesses the book’s author, Warren Cole Smith, takes on such topics as “The Evangelical Myth,” “The Christian Industrial Complex,” and “Body-Count Evangelism.” Smith helps us to see that, even in the church, bad ideas have bad consequences despite good intentions.

Lover’s Quarrel powerfully declares that “God wants the church to be the church and that even the world wants the church to be the church.  It’s the church that doesn’t want to be the church.  That’s the core problem.”

If you want to check out this book go to the official site for Warren Cole Smith and the book here, where you can read the introduction and also purchase the book.